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Velocity is the mascot of GDQ, a charity speed-running event. They are a non-binary time-travelling raptor who's always aiming to get the fastest time in anything they do, looking for time saves in the most mudane of activities. They seemed to have clipped into the world of Black Hole by complete accident, but luckily there's plenty to speedrun through in the chaotic new world.

Velocity is a very bizarre character that utilizes speedrunning techniques in their movesets and other moves that are inspired by glitches common in speed running. They can clip through their opponents and walls, they can dislocate a oponent's hitbox and hit on it from anywhere across the stage, teleport using save states,and badger their opponents for donations so they can damage boost through attacks. Using these abilities and their very fast speed that rivals Sonic's, they are a character that stops for practically nothing except if it's a time save.

Gimmick: Damage Boost

Whenever Velocity gets hit, they enter a state of damage where they blink in and out and gain invicibility frames that allows them to basically power through it after a very brief stun state. This damage boost state has six points across a pie chart meter ala Super Mario 64, and each hit that is Damage Boosted costs one slice of the meter. Velocity can refill it using Donation Hounding, which allows them to get money from opponents to refill one section of the meter, although the longer they are alive the more money is required to refill the meter.
Velocity lunges forward, clipping through the opponent, wall, or other obstacle. Depending on the size, the further Velocity will be launched outwards. If the wall is on the edge of the stage, Velocity will loop around to the other side. This counts for invisible barriers as well. Hitbox Grab
Velocity uses their jaws to chomp at the opponent's hitbox, which becomes exposed as a red box. They can then throw it and damage the opponent with it from anywhere on screen. This dislocation of the opponent's hitbox is active for five seconds or if the opponent runs into it, returning it to them.
Save State
Velocity sets a point to teleport to whenever they use this move- hold down the button to set a new save state instead of using the existing one. Only one save state can exist per Velocity. While powerful as a recovery, it's incredibly predictable for opponents. Donation Hounding
Velocity performs a downwards peck with their head, dealing 7 damage and knocking money out of the opponent, usually in the form of blue and pink coins, although for some particular characters that use currency such as Walter White and Kyoko for example, it'll appear as money. Opponents bleed more money if they have more currency on them or are at lower health percentages. The longer Velocity survives, the more money it will take to refill their Damage Boost power gauge.
RNG Manipulation
Level 1
Velocity strikes the opponent with their tail for 15 damage and any attacks that utilize RNG for them will be set to the lowest values possible for 10 seconds, which for some opponents really can be rather devestating due to how luck-based they are. When effected by RNG Manipulation, cyan lightning pulses around the opponent.
Parallel Universes
Level 2
Velocity is able to clip themselves and a opponent onto a set of invisible versions of the stage they're currently on and dash around them, benefitting from the lack of collision, dealing a total of 30 damage and launching them on the last hit.
Arbitrary Code Execution
Level 3
Velocity hammers down themselves and a opponent into the inner code of Blight Bastions, briefly able to toy around with the variables and coding of the game. When Velocity strikes a number with their tail, it changes to a higher number or lower number randomly. This section lasts five seconds before Velocity and their opponent return back to the battlefield, with the opponent put into a Dizzy state as the variables have been swapped. Velocity can change the following variables:
  • Damage multipliers
  • Defense multipliers
  • Finisher Bar growth
  • Effects triggers
  • How much time is left in the match
  • Stage type
  • Music
  • UI visibility
  • Stocks of Velocity and the opponent
Alternate Outfits

Characters can undergo transformations when special effects are placed under them.
Makai Spell
Velocity becomes TASbot, a robot representation used for runs only possible by a computer with frame perfect timing.
Heaven Spell
Velocity becomes the mascot for Frame Fatales, a summer event meant for female runners run by the same organization as GDQ.
Midnight Bliss
Velocity takes on a a summery look, used in one promotional art for Frame Fatales.
Incubus Delight
Velocity becomes Sir Prizes, another mascot for GDQ.
Velocity speaks using Mekarazium's response to being found out for cheating at the end of his Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance run:

This is a taunt, a taunt to every single person that watches speedrunning events and haven’t asked yourself some questions. GDC will take a massive hit to their image for removing one of the highly-rated runs that was well-received by everyone. People will focus on the fact ‘omg he cheated,’ and not on the sheer amount of preparations done to ensure the run will go well, and the segmented run will go unnoticed. If you want to see some things change, there’s always a price to pay, I am paying with my reputation of a marathon runner, a speedrunner, a commentator and a very passionate person to make others think about the things you’re ready to do in the name of said passion. So that others might change their opinion on the speedrunning as a whole. We won’t be meeting again I think, some people just want to watch this world burn. Good night, there will be more godless nights.

Velocity will do the whole speech unless they run out of damage boosts.
Power Drain
When Velocity is caught by Rogue, they are kissed on the beak.
Rogue gains Clip as a replacement for her neutral special Photon Blast, allowing her to clip through opponents and walls. She also gains a speed bonus, boosting her speed by 1.3x for six seconds.
When The Monstars rob the talent of Velocity, they gain Hitbox Grab to replace their side special, Intercept. This allows them to dislocate a opponent's hitbox and mess with it however they want, just like Velocity.
The active Monstar gains Velocity's tail as a physical attribute.
Velocity's secret is revealed.

They are actually from the prehistoric dinosaur age- they clipped out of bounds before the meteor hit Earth and did a time skip to live in the present, saving about 2 billion years in time on their run so far.

Saul Goodman gives a testimony for his client.
Your honor, my client did it for the run. The speed run. I mean, come on, it saves 3 frames. He set a new record at a charity event! We should all feel proud about it and let this little dino off. Oh, and apparently I should read off a donation. From flynnABQ93, a 15 dollar donation: "Love seeing Saul do his work in the court. Hope he can get a good time getting this client off the hook!"
When Velocity is caught by Posion, Poison pushes them on a treadmill and accelerates it so fast that Velocity ends up being shot and phased through into a Parallel Universe, where they fall through the phantom collison and take 45 damage as they return back to their spawn point.
Unlock Method
Complete an Collider route in 3 minutes or less.