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The Warden is a mob that lives in the Deep Dark biome in the universe of Minecraft, acting as the protector of the mysterious Sculk blocks and the Ancient Cities covered in the mysterious dark spread. The Warden is incredibly powerful and is not meant to be fought, easily crushing the most prepared of opponents. Their blindness is their sole weakness, able to deterred by sounds or snuck past through silence. One Warden has found themselves in the world of Black Hole- a world full of chaotic noises and chatter that enrages it deeply.

The Warden is a powerful heavyweight that truly dominates the stage through its Sculk blocks, able to deal massive damage from afar and up close, and it's projectile attack can even go through walls to get it's foes. However, as powerful as they are, they're even more deadly when they know where their opponent is, utilizing vibration signals from Sculk Sensors and hearing opponents to become enraged and more powerful. Their slow start-ups and their lack of aerial game does present weaknesses for them, however.

Gimmick: Sculk

The Warden is blind and operates off the scents and sounds of their opponent. Creating sound near the Warden will add "anger" to a meter on each character's hud in the match, which allows The Warden to add more damage, knockback and have their attacks come out quicker. Additionally, the character will be covered in "sculk" particles, which are blue pixellated particles that allow the Warden to "see" and "track" the opponent while they're active. The anger goes down over time, but setting off a Sculk Sensor block or a Sculk Shrieker block will enrage The Warden a lot more than normal sounds do (50% anger and 100% anger respectively).

Sculk Sensor

Sculk Shrieker
Placed when the Warden uses Burrow. Sculk Sensors activate based off vibrations- if a opponent runs, jumps, performs an attack, or taunts the Sculk Sensor will go off and add 15-50% to the Warden's anger towards that opponent. The opponent can avoid setting it off by doing air attacks, guarding, walking. They can also use a capture move or grab to safely remove the Sculk Sensor or set a object atop it to prevent it from working. Three Sculk Sensors can be active at once. Placed when the Warden uses Sculk Shrieker. Sculk Shriekers activate when a Sculk Sensor gives them a signal or if theyre directly stepped on or attacked. A Sculk Sensor sends out a loud piercing shriek that instantly enrages the Warden at 100% towards a opponent and they can use them to teleport via Burrow. Sculk Shriekers have 50 health before they are destroyed, although one can cover the Sculk Shriker with a object to prevent it from working. Two Sculk Shriekers can be active at once.
Warden Beatdown
The Warden begins a beatdown rush attack that deals 5 (+4 when fully enraged) damage per hit, able to mash up to nearly five times before The Warden rises up again for a launcher (25 damage by default, 45 damage when fully enraged). The hitbox is very low, although the first hit has a higher hitbox to "catch" opponents. It can be cancelled safely but during the launcher the Warden will be vulnerable, as this cannot be cancelled. Sonic Screech
The Warden launches a sonic attack from their chest, creating three ringed projectiles that create immediate stun and knockback and dealing a whopping 16 (30 when fully enraged) damage combined. The animation to start the attack is rather long but The Warden can be tilted to angle the sonic attack from any angle. Additionally, the sonic attack can go through walls and other objects. It has a radius of 10 character lengths.
The Warden buries itself under the ground, leaving behind a Skulk Sensor as it stays underground for a maximum of 8 seconds. While underground, the player is capable of teleporting to any triggered Sculk Shrieker and arriving out of there, having superarmor while digging out of the ground. Up to three Sculk Sensors can be placed by a single Warden at a time. Sculk Shrieker
The Warden places down a Sculk Shrieker, which can act as both future teleportation points for Burrow as well as fully enraging the Warden when activated. Sculk Shriekers have to be activated by either standing on it, hitting it with a projectile or other attack, or a Sculk Sensor going off. Only two Sculk Shriekers can be placed by a single Warden at a time.
Hollow Heart
Level 1
The Warden's exposed ribcage opens outward, releasing a sonic crescent-shaped projectile that inflicts Umbra and 15 damage. This also acts as a sweeping sound attack that allows the Warden to scan the area for opponents- any opponents hit by the crescent-shaped projectile instantly fill up the rage meter The Warden has towards them.
Stalker Shriek
Level 2
The Warden changes the lighting of the Sculk blocks to be red, activating Stalker Mode for the next 30 seconds. In Stalker Mode, when a Sculk Sensor or Sculk Shrieker goes off, The Warden can instantly appear at those beacons while their body is inflamed in red. Additionally, The Warden is put into permanent Anger mode for the duration, meaning their attacks deal much more damage and come out faster.
Deep Dark
Level 3
The Warden casts Darkness, which obscures the vision of all the opponents to just a ring of light around them. Additionally, the Warden, when they press any of the attack buttons, deals 10 damage with a walloping attack to a random opponent cast in shadow with a 30 frame cool down. This darkness induced state is active for 15 seconds, allowing The Warden to rack up tons of damage as well as obscure the field. The Warden cannot be attacked during this state due to lacking a hurtbox.
Alternate Outfits


Characters can undergo transformations when special effects are placed under them.
Makai Spell
The Warden becomes one of their early concept arts, taking on the appearance of a effigy with a jewel on it.
Heaven Spell
The Warden becomes one of their early concept arts, taking on a winged "flap" appearance, almost like some sort of dark angel.
Midnight Bliss
The Warden becomes one of their early concept arts, taking on a ethereal appearance with a head leaking souls.
Incubus Delight
The Warden becomes one of their early concept arts, taking on a white appearance with a skull-like mouth.
The Warden's "hearing" is upgraded and becomes more sensitive, allowing for easier anger towards opponents for six seconds.
Power Drain
When The Warden is caught by Rogue, it is kissed on the head.
Rogue gains Warden Beatdown as a replacement for her neutral special Photon Blast, allowing her to attack with a low beatdown attack with launcher. She also gains a attack bonus, boosting her attack by 2.3x for six seconds.
When The Monstars rob the talent of The Warden, they gain Sonic Screech to replace their side special, Intercept. This allows them to perform a 10 damage sonic screech attack that goes through walls.
The active Monstar gains The Warden's fists and exposed ribcage as a physical attribute.
The Warden's secret is revealed.

Their real name is William.

Saul Goodman gives a testimony for his client.
Your honor, have you heard of "stand your ground"? Just another classic case of that- The Warden is merely protecting their home from intruders, nothing more. It's senseless- no pun intended- to keep this case going any longer.
When The Warden is caught by Posion, Poison places them in a water tube that runs up quite high and then drops them onto some dripstone standing up, dealing 45 damage. Based off Warden farm setups from Minecraft.
Unlock Method
Clear Bygga Stronghold 10 times.