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Winston was an gorilla who lived on the moon. His favorite food is peanut butter and bananas. He was infused with genetic material that made him super smart and so when the other experimented gorillas in the moon base staged an uprising, he bounced and landed on Earth. Winston knows how to fix time anomalies. Winston is the leader of a team called Overwatch. As opposed to getting sucked through the Collider, Winston instead created an opening to Black Hole to retrieve some of his Overwatch members, but by the time they got back to the portal, they realized their universe had been destroyed and the remains fell through the Black Hole. Winston now aims to get everyone else home before their universe meets the same mysterious fate.

Winston is a heavy weight character who more or less counters everything like an actual gorilla in real life, which means he uses an electric gun to deal constant damage within the radius of a cone, jump really high and deal damage with shockwaves, use anchors of time to slow and loop opponents for follow-ups, and can create barriers to protect himself from projectiles. He can also get really, really angry and just tear you apart.

Tesla Cannon
Wiston emits electricity from his Tesla Cannon, which automatically deals damage to anyone in the cone of fire, being dealt 0.75 damage every 10 frames (4.5 damage per second). Doesn't flinch or stun opponents. After 2.1 seconds, Winston will enter a reload state, leaving him briefly in a vulernable state although he can still move around freely. Chrono Anchor
Winston throws a trap that can latch onto opponents and make them incredibly slow while magnetizing them to the point in which they got stuck at. This lasts for 3 seconds before it shorts out and the opponent's time distortion disappears. If Winston attacks the opponent with his Tesla Cannon, they will become Chronowrecked.
Jump Pack
Winston leaps high into the air, aided by his pack on his back, landing with a massive shockwave underneath him that deals 5 damage and stun to nearby opponents and 12 damage and Burying opponents underneath him when he lands. Acts as a third jump and has a lot of forward momenteum added. Barrier Projection
Winston puts down a barrier of protection that will protect anyone under it from attacks, and it will not disperse until it's 60 health is depleted. Additionally, Winston and team mates can fire projectiles within it- the barrier only protects things from getting in, not out. Has a 13 second cooldown that begins immediately after the barrier is placed down.
Primal Punch
Level 1
Winston's fist becomes red and larger as he performs a sucker punch that deals 18 damage plus severe knockback on a downward angle, often causing the opponent to tumble back as they get hit. Based off the events of Doomfist's Origin
Primal Anger
Level 2
Winston enters a primal anger state, in which knockback resistance becomes greatly increased and his melee attacks do twice as much damage. Additionally, he does more damage with Jump Pack and the hop he gets is shorter but adds much more forward momenteum, allowing him to constantly land and deal damage. He will lose the ability to do Tesla Cannon, Chrono Anchor, and Barrier Protection while in this primal anger state. The more damage Winston has taken, the longer he'll be in this state- undamaged he'll stay in it for 7 seconds while at maxed out damage cap of 150+ he'll stay in it for 13 seconds.
Geissler Cannon
Level 3
Winston holds a giant beam cannon over his shoulder and performs a giant laser discharge that deals 6 damage per 10 frames (36 damage per second) damage as it shoots across the entire stage, correcting it's angle to try and bunch the most opponents together with it. The beam lasts for 1.7 seconds and will blast opponents with severe knockback on the last frames. Geissler Cannon can't be reflected and the player can manually correct the aim using the control stick.
Alternate Outfits








Ocean King

Characters can undergo transformations when special effects are placed under them.
Makai Spell
Winston becomes a jar of peanut butter, his favorite food.
Heaven Spell
Winston turns into his younger, child-like form, still wearing his armor.
Midnight Bliss
Winston transforms into a gender swapped Winston design by Kachima.
Incubus Delight
Winston takes on a labcoat design, based off some promo art that features a lot of Overwatch's research divison being overseen by Soldier 76.
Winston laughs manically as he goes into a menancing stance, replacing his Tesla Cannon for a flak shotgun, which is both lighter and has a spread of bullets within a smaller "cone", and inflicts 5-7 spray damage with 9 piercing damage for bullets. This lasts 6 seconds. This is a reference to early Overwatch development where Winston had a shotgun.
Power Drain
When Winston is caught by Rogue, he is kissed on the lips.
Rogue gains Tesla Cannon as a replacement for her neutral special Photon Blast, allowing her to fire a cone of electricity to deal with opponents. She also gains a weight bonus, greatly increasing her weight by 1.3x for six seconds.
When The Monstars rob the talent of Winston, they gain Chrono Anchor to replace their side special, Intercept. This allows them to slow opponents and magnetize them to a single spot on loop to do follow ups with.
The active Monstar gains Winston's glasses and armor as a physical attribute.
Winston's secret is revealed.

He's been testing on the other gorillas from the moon colony in secret, trying to figure out if he can lure them in his side for the Omnic Crisis.

Saul Goodman gives a testimony for his client.
Your honor, my client is of reasonable intelligence- gunning him down like an animal would be inhumane, especially given he was trying to stop someone named "Doomfist". I dunno about you, but that's a supervillain name. Winston? That's a name you can reasonably trust.
When Winston is caught by Posion, Poison wraps her whip around him and then entraps him in a barrier shield, eating his bananas in front of him as he furiously tries to get out, eventually hitting his head multiple times against the shield and inflicting 35 damage to himself and comming out Sobbing while Poison heals for 15 health.
Unlock Method
Collect 45 Space Blessings.