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Aura Blackquill

Aura Blackquill is a robotics engineer hailing from Cosmos Space Center, being one of two "mothers" to the robots Ponco and Clonco. Along with her partner, Metis Cykes, the two were close partners until her murder. After her murder, in which her brother Simon was framed, Aura became a more cynical person and hated the title of "mother", abusing her robots as she knew their bodies were only shells. She lost faith in the legal system after the wrongful incarnation of her brother and it brought her to doing a hostage situtation to get a retrial. After the events of Dual Destinies, Aura Blackquill sits in prison while awaiting trial when suddenly the beam of the Collider catches her and puts her in the world of Black Hole. Uploading Clonco and Ponco online, Aura now travels the chaotic mess with her robots.

Aura Blackquill is a puppet fighter that utilizes her robot Clonco fairly heavily, to the point where it's cartoonish abuse. She uses him as a mace, makes him into an agressive attacking psychopath, and can even take over him directly while putting herself out of the fight for a short while. Her Finishers give her an additional robot to work with, protect her from damage using her trauma, or control a giant robot named Judgetron. Her recovery is weak, relying heavily on tethers with robots which can be disabled.

Gimmick: Clonco

Aura has a robot named Clonco that she utilizes in her moveset, which acts as a puppet she can control and use as a weapon. Clonco generally follows Aura but can be told to stand in one place by guarding. Aura can set Clonco into an aggressive, psychopathic attack mode by zapping them with her syringe gun, which will cause them to attack nearby opponents and pursue them unless they get outpaced. Aura can also take direct command of Clonco by using Clonco Command, which gives them a very limited moveset of just specials, which protects them from up to 50 damage. It takes a full minute for Clonco to have a new body to return to battle from. When Clonco is destroyed, Aura has a severely weakened moveset, with Android Abuse and Clonco Command being completely useless during this time. She can summon Ponco to replace Clonco during this time, although that robot has their own set of differences that are laid out in their section.

Android Abuse
Aura grabs the neck of Clonco or calls him close to Aura, and then proceeds to use him as a mace, dealing 7-5 damage per hit as Clonco screeches electronically. On the third and final swing, it deals the Shock effect on impact. This move can be used to reset Clonco back to "factory" settings after using Syringe Gun or Clonco Command. Can be used as a tether recovery.
Syringe Gun
Aura fires a electric bullet, dealing 7-8 damage on impact with heavy stun. She can only fire one bullet at a time. When she fires at Clonco, Clonco will be shocked, spinning around wildly, maniacally shaking his arms up and down and acting in attack mode and attacking nearby opponents, dealing 4-6 damage, while yelling about a robot revolution. Use Android Abuse or Conco Command to reset him.

HAT-4 Rocket
Aura creates a small version of a rocket, launching it. The player can tilt the controller to direct the rocket in any direction they want for up to 77 frames, before it eventually trails off in the last direction. When it explodes, it deals 14 damage on hit, dealing hard knockback. This is the only move Aura has that has no interactions with Clonco.
Clonco Command
Aura digs into the back of Clonco's head, before vanishing into the background with a laptop as she takes direct control of Clonco and utilizes a limited moveset. Clonco has seperate health (a total of 50 health) before they are destroyed. Do this input again to switch back to Aura as Clonco goes into an aggressive, crazy personality and attacks opponents.

Junk Head
Clonco shakes their head back and forth, spreading out junk from their head. Junk bounces up to three times before disappearing, dealing 3-4 damage with soft stun on impact. On rare ocassions, a piece of junk food will come out instead, which can be eaten to heal.
Blast Processing
Clonco rushes forward, dealing 8-9 damage on impact, dealing sideways knockback and causing the opponent to tumble on impact. Deals 3 damage to Clonco on impact and causes them to spin away from point of impact. If Clonco hits nothing after 280 frames, they go into a brief rest state before being able to act again.

Extend Neck
Clonco extends out their neck, dealing 7-9 damage, inflicting knockback upwards. Can be used as a uneasy tether to ledges, hooking the head to the ledge before pulling themsleves back up. Is used really well as a kill move and a edge attack, able to mostly safely recover against other opponents.
Clonco Command
Switch back to Aura as Clonco goes into an aggressive, crazy personality and attacks opponents to deal 6-7 damage on hit, twirling their arms around wildly. They are incredibly aggressive towards the nearest opponent, switching focus if their current pursuit manages to outpace them.

Level 1
Aura summons Ponco, who acts as a clone of Clonco in terms of interactions with her moves, giving her two puppets to toy with. They slightly differ from Clonco but their fundamentals are the same. Here's the changes from Clonco:
  • Android Abuse has Aura use Ponco like a hammer, going "Ponco Ponco" and dealing 8-9 damage and spiking or Burying them on impact. Has tether properties but has less ranged than Clonco's version.
  • Syringe Gun has a different interaction- Ponco's head shoots up as opposed to going into an aggressive attack move, which deals 15 damage on impact.
  • Clonco Command acts exactly the same, except Ponco's head is thrown into the air after exiting, which deals 15 damage on impact.
  • Ponco has 45 health in total and does not respawn, unlike Clonco.

Blackquill Brother
Level 2
Aura's brother, Simon Blackquill, emerges from the background and points out his hand, adding 5 Black Pysche-Locks around Aura, which are tied to trauma she has. This protects her from five attacks that can do a max of 30 damage, with 31+ damage attacks destroying two locks at once. When a Pysche-Lock breaks, it deals close range damage and can be accompied by an effect upon resurfacing.
  • Psyche-Locke 1 - Trauma of finding Metis Cyke's body, dealing 7 damage and inflicts Bleed on impact.
  • Psyche-Locke 2 - Trauma of having her brother go to prison for a crime he didn't commit, dealing 7 damage and inflicting Peanut Brittle.
  • Psyche-Locke 3 - Trauma of having to deal with the robots calling her mother after knowing their true creator was gone, dealing 7 damage and inflicting Nightmare.
  • Psyche-Locke 4 - Trauma of holding people hostage as Clonco, an act she did out of desperation for a retrial. Deals 7 damage and inflicts Frozen.
  • Psyche-Locke 5 - Trauma of watching the real killer of Metis Cyke get shot in the face, dealing 7 damage and inflicts Astral.

Robot Labatory
Level 3
Aura transports her opponents to the Cosmos Space Center, where she mounts inside a giant robot called Judgetron, which attacks with five giant drill attacks, which deal 15 damage each against opponents. The player can tilt the control stick in the direction that they want the drill attack to come out from, which slams down from the top of the ceiling. After doing all five drill attacks, Aura and her opponents are transported back to the main stage. While in the robotics lab, opponents can be knocked out from the short boundary boxes.
Alternate Outfits


Characters can undergo transformations when special effects are placed under them.
Makai Spell
Aura Blackquill becomes the Robots with Heart book, a piece of evidence found in the Robotics lab.
Heaven Spell
Aura Blackquill becomes the unfinished Judgetron found in the Robotics lab.
Midnight Bliss
Aura Blackquill becomes an early concept version of herself with spiky hair and drill.
Incubus Delight
Aura and Clonco become enranged, rapidly waving their arms and cackling and laughing while talking about robots taking over the world for 6 seconds, automatically attacking nearby opponents for 6-9 damage.
Power Drain
When Aura is caught by Rogue, she is kissed on the lips, causing Aura to blush.
Rogue gains Android Abuse as a replacement for her neutral special Photon Blast, allowing her to throw a Cosmos Space Center robot around like a mace. She also gains a defense bonus, boosting her defense by 1.3x for six seconds.
When The Monstars rob the talent of Aura, they gain Syringe Gun to replace their side special, Intercept. This allows them to shoot electric bullets to shock opponents.
The active Monstar gains Aura's hair quills and glasses as a physical attribute.
Aura Blackquill's secret is revealed.

She heavily regrets the way she acted towards Athena Cykes, which besides the robots, is the closest thing she feels like she has to a daughter.

Saul Goodman gives a testimony for his client.
Your honor, my client was under distress and ultimately demanded a retrial for a mistrial of the woman she loved. Nobody was hurt in the hostage situtation. Your honor, this woman's faith in the justice system could be restored if you were willing to give her a kind sentence.
When Aura Blackquill is caught by Posion, Poison wraps her whip around her and then gives her a playful kiss on the lips, which turns out to be poison gloss, dealing 15 poison damage over time.
When Ralsei encounters Aura Blackquill, he hugs her active robot and accidentally short-circuits it with kindness, disabling all special moves except for her up special for 7 seconds.
Very specific characters have unique interactions that happen with other characters if they are in the same match.

Dr. Bunsen Honeydew and Beaker
Aura and Bunsen have a unique opening dialouge against each other.

Aura: Don't you find it a bit odd to use a live subject as opposed to a mechanical one for your experiments and abuse?

Dr. Bunsen: Hm? Abuse? No, no, what you're seeing is the scientific method.

Aura: your degree even real? That sticker of authenticity looks like a banana sticke-

Dr. Bunsen: I'll invite you to stop talking for a while.

Unlock Method
Play as any robotic character 160 times.