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Dark Queen

The Dark Queen is the sworn main enemy of the Battletoads, a group of three mutant toads who fight evil. She wants to conquer the galaxy and her troops consist of forces she created using animals and radioactive magic. After the events of a failed reboot of the Gamescape, the Dark Queen returns to try and conquer the universe, only to be zapped to a chaotic meshed world known as Black Hole. Free from those Battletoads trying to stop her at every step, she looks to conquer the chaos and is even willing to feign alliances to do so.

The Dark Queen is a surprisingly agile character who mostly tries to keep away from her opponents, often summoning her grunts from the Mutant Ratpack to deal with opponents. She can attack with projectiles from her staff, teleport around as flame, and turn into a tornado to give her some super armor and a good knock-away attack. Her light weight and low damage output do make her a bit of a easier opponent to take down, but her troop mechanic aids her, being more akin to summonable boss fights as opposed to mass-production troops.

Gimmick: Galactic Gamma

The Dark Queen, ever the mysterious figure, derives her creations of the Mutant Ratpack from gamma, a source of radioactive energy that can also be channeled into magic. She can collect Gamma to create one of several members of the Mutant Ratpack by either fighting opponents directly and landing hits on them or by finding Radioactive sources and collecting the Gamma from there. Once she's collected up to 10-50 Gamma, she can summon one of the Mutant Ratpack through the Finisher buttons.
Dark Tornado
Dark Queen spins around quickly before transforming into a dark tornado, dealing 4-12 dark damage and inflicting Umbra on hit. When initally spinning and ending her spin, she'll do less damage but during the apex of her spin she'll deal the most damage. Cackle Staff
Dark Queen releases a laughing head projectile that homes in on a opponent during the first 76 frames before drifting, dealing 8 damage on hit and inflicting Jokerification if charged up prior.
Teleport Flame
Dark Queen turns into a blue flame, able to be directed by the player in a direction while having a small hurtbox, able to freely fly and then re-emerge as her full appearance. As she does, she lets out a burst of blue flame that deals 7 damage and inflicts Burn. Royal Descent
Dark Queen descends into the ground, appearing as a carpet of orange-white flame, dealing 6 damage to opponents that make contact with this moving trail of flame and knocking them a bit up into the air. After 3 seconds or cancelling, she'll slowly ascend back into corporal form but become vulernable, unable to act until fully formed.
Mutant Ratpack

10 Gamma

15 Gamma

General Slaughter
20 Gamma
Porkshank attacks with a four-punch combo that deals 14 damage at the end of the string, although the second hit can be interrupted. If far from opponents, he'll get on all fours and charge towards the nearest one. Has 35 health. Scuzz attacks by climing into the rodent rocket and firing from four guns, which deal 6 damage per hit. He can fly around the stage while firing, but each of his four guns can be destroyed. When they're destroyed, he'll destroy the rocket with a final desperation charge shot that deals 33 damage. General Slaughter mainly moves forward slowly and ram the player to deal 20 damage, inflicting Dizzy if he gets close, getting faster as his health lowers. He has 50 health, and is weak from behind.

30 Gamma

Big Blag
40 Gamma

50 Gamma
Karnath will move around the stage and then back up and lunge towards the nearest opponent, inflicting 18 damage and Bleed from the fang attack before he slams them, knocking them away. However, if he misses, his fangs will get caught in the floor and the player can damage his head. He has 75 health and when defeated, he is gruesomely decapitated and you can throw the head around like a projectile, dealing 7 damage and inflicting Poison on other opponents. Big Blag can roll towards opponents and knock them away while dealing 17 damage, as well as kick opponents for 10 damage while doing severe knockback. He can use his spiked tail as a mace, inflicting 9 damage and Bleed on hit. Additionally, at half health, he'll enlarge himself, dealing twice as much damage. He also has a new belly slam move in this enlarged state, allowing him to inflict 30 damage and Flatten his victim. He has 100 health. Robo-Manus is armed with a rapid-fire blaster that shoots a series of three projectiles that spread out and deal 8 damage on hit. Additionally, he jumps around constantly and gets faster as he takes damage. He can also launch flames from his arms which deal 17 damage when opponents get too close to him, launching them from the left and right and inflicting Burn in the process. As a last bit of desperation, he'll fire a laser from his visor that deals 50 damage when on his last 10 hit points that goes out horizontal across the whole stage. He has 120 health.
Alternate Outfits


Battletoads/Double Dragon

Characters can undergo transformations when special effects are placed under them.
Makai Spell
Dark Queen becomes Holidays, a Christmas-obsessed creation she makes during the events of Battletoads 2022.
Heaven Spell
Dark Queen becomes her hologram head from the arcade Battletoads, which is somehow the only time she makes an appearance in a battle in that game.
Midnight Bliss
Dark Queen takes on her appearance from Battletoads 2020 with goggles on.
Incubus Delight
Dark Queen takes on the appearance of Shadow Boss from Battletoads/Double Dragon, who acted as co-antagonist in that game.
Dark Queen becomes mad with power, laughing manically as her attacks do twice as much damage. Lasts for 6 seconds.
Power Drain
When Dark Queen is caught by Rogue, she is kissed on the lips.
Rogue gains Dark Tornado as a replacement for her neutral special Photon Blast, allowing her to turn into a tornado and inflict damage based off spin power. She also gains a speed bonus, boosting her speed by 1.3x for six seconds.
When The Monstars rob the talent of Dark Queen, they gain Cackle Staff to replace their side special, Intercept. This allows them to fire soft homing projectiles that can inflict Jokerification if charged.
The active Monstar gains the Dark Queen cape as a physical attribute.
Dark Queen's secret is revealed.

Prior to the events of Battletoads, Dark Queen was Evelyn Volkmire, sister of Silas Volkmire, the creator of the Gamescape that the Battletoads universe resides in. Bullied relentlessly in the real world, in the game Dark Queen represents herself how she wishes and symphasizes with the "ugly" Mutant Ratpack greatly, listening to their needs carefully.

Saul Goodman gives a testimony for his client.
Your honor, my client may want to take over the universe- but have we considered that maybe the Battletoads aren't quite in the right either? I mean, who are they to install their own sense of comic justice? I think this case ought to be dismissed on the grounds that her attempted conquest covers planets without any laws at all- therefore it's unreasonable to presecute for this.
When Dark Queen is caught by Posion, Poison ties her up in a harness and proceeds to whip her relentlessly before sitting her foot atop the Dark Queen's back, posing as the Dark Queen takes 25 damage from the beatdown.
When Ralsei encounters the Dark Queen, he offers a glass of green wine which the Dark Queen drinks and takes 18 damage and is inflicted with Wither, as both realize it's just battery acid.
Very specific characters have unique interactions that happen with other characters if they are in the same match.

Captain Phasma
Dark Queen and Captain Phasma have a unique opening dialouge against each other.

Phasma: You, rummaging through that nuclear waste... get away!

Dark Queen: Hm? I'm merely gathering resources for my arm...

Phasma: I was born in radioactivity... you have no idea what kind of long term damage you're doing to yourself.

Dark Queen: Well, more for me to use against you!

Dark Queen and Hulk have a unique opening dialouge against each other. Additionally, Hulk will start in his Bruce Banner persona during this sequence.

Dr. Bruce Banner: I see that I'm not the only one who has any understanding of the unique properties of Gamma.

Dark Queen: Hm, a scrawny little scientist thinks he understands anything about the magical properties of Gamma?

Dr. Bruce Banner: Heh... well, you see, that's for the other guy.

Dr. Bruce Banner transforms into the Hulk.


Unlock Method
Collect 50 Dark Blessings.