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Doppelganger is a clone of Lara Croft created by Natla, an evil CEO that was Lara's first antagonist. Formed of better stuff than the first Doppelganger Lara came across, this Doppelganger looks close to Lara, but has red hair, shadowy eyes, longer hair done in a braided ponytail, and no free will. Doppelganger proves to be quite the opponent for the adventurer, and as the Collider goes across time and space, Doppelganger was carried by the beam to Black Hole, her mission to kill Lara Croft still weighing in her mind.

Doppleganger is a clone of Lara, featuring the same bread and butter Dual Pistols and Gernades/Molotov Cocktails in her kit but her up special allows her to climb stages and deal damage with her fast climbing, while her down special allows her to do powerful physical attacks against foes utilizing her Shadow Powers. Additionally, her Finishers operate similarly to Lara's but feature a superarmor effect as opposed to buffing Bestiary (which isn't in her kit) and summoning one giant monster to do battle with as opposed to three. Her final Finisher is very different, summoning Natla as a boss.

Dual Pistols
Doppelganger whips out two pistols and fires one and then fires another about 45 frames afterwards, keeping a constant steady stream of bullets, which deal 3 damage per bullet, not accounting for staling. When you hit a opponent, you will lock onto them and be able to move freely while shooting at them, focus being lost when you press off the button. Will cause opponents to flinch only during the inital hit. Grenades/Molotov Cocktails
Doppelganger throws a gernade if the button is held, throwing a molotov cocktail if the button is instead tapped. Gernades deal 8-10 damage and go off after 3 seconds on the ground or air, while molotov cocktails explode on impact and deal 12 damage while inflicting Burn. Molotov Cocktails have a set arc and pattern that is shorter than gernades, although while crouching Doppelganger instead rolls gernades.
Shadow Climb
Doppelganger is able to climb across any surface quickly, and can deal 7 dark damage with leaps. She can cross across main stage platforms and soft platforms, although flat ground cannot be interacted with this way. When Shadow Climb is active, Doppelganger will have a shadowy aura around herself to show that it is active. Ground based attacks can still hit Doppelganger and break her concentration, causing her to free fall. Shadow Climb can only be active for up to 4 seconds and has 2 seconds of cooldown after use. Shadow Strike
Doppelganger is able to do super powerful punches and kicks, slowing herself and her opponent while the area around them is interlaced with white aura, inflicting 13-17 dark damage from ultra-powerful physical attacks that stun and stagger opponents on impact. This is depedent on a meter that fills next to Doppelganger's icon, which takes about 5 seconds to fill up completely and will stall when Doppelganger takes damage. She can perform a finisher after the end of the animation by pressing the standard attack button, releasing a burst of white flame that inflicts Petrification.

Level 1
Doppelganger puts on a device known as a Cloneblade, a manmade imitation of the artifact known as the Witchblade. She dons a skimpy silver ornate "armor" and her hand forms into the shape of Lara Croft's Excalibur and swings it forward, dealing 15 damage with the shapeshifted metal. Additionally, she gains superarmor when attacking and continues to don the Cloneblade's armor for 7 seconds before it writhes off her hand from reacting with her Shadow Powers, restoring her to normal.

Atlantean Scion
Level 2
Doppelganger holds up the Atlantean Scion, creating a Yeti Thrall. The Yeti Thrall will have 100 health and can deal massive damage with their physical attacks, which can Bury opponents. They typically do about 20-30 damage a swing, and have superarmor so are not stunned by attacks whatsoever unless they're over 15 damage. Yeti Thralls are heavy but can leap, which deals 7 damage with a shockwave underneath. As zombies, they're immune to Poison but can take a lot of damage from healing attacks. The Yeti Thrall will stick around for 15 seconds or opponents can defeat them before that. Additionally, when Doppelganger activates the Atlantean Scion, it will give her some future knowledge that allows her to escape from grabs for 8 seconds with very little struggle.
Scorching Natla
Level 3
Doppelganger summons her creator, Natla, who soars in on her giant demonic wings in her scorching form. Natla is a whole boss fight when summoned, which Doppelganger will be immune to her attacks but can still participate in defeating her for a end of round reward. Her wings serve as her main hitboxes and each has 100 health, making the fight have 200 health total.
  • Natla can shoot off two missile-like rocks that burn in the air, aiming them in diagonal directions and deals 15 piercing fire damage upon impact as well as heavy stun. These can be reflected.
  • Natla can also quickly teleport around after sustaining some damage, turning into a orange orb that quickly reappears elsewhere.
  • Natla will land and shoot a massive fireball that deals 20 damage and does serious knockback. This fireball goes horizontally to the edge of the screen.
  • Natla can also perform a lunging attack while near opponents to deal 30 damage and leave them in the Astral state.
  • At lower health, Natla will scream to knock opponents away greatly without dealing damage. The scream will also reflect projectiles.
Alternate Outfits



Red Drysuit

Bathing Suit

Characters can undergo transformations when special effects are placed under them.
Makai Spell
Doppelganger becomes her doppelganger from the original game, a skinless and bare evil clone, this time with the original polygons.
Heaven Spell
Doppelgangerbecomes a jackal enemy from Tomb Raider II.
Midnight Bliss
Doppelganger wears a gold bikini, a outfit from Tomb Raider Underworld that Lara wears.
Incubus Delight
Doppelganger becomes Alister Fletcher, Lara Croft's research assistant from Legend and Underworld, who dies at the hand of Doppelganger.
When Jokerized, Doppelganger's Shadow Meter won't deplete for 6 seconds, allowing her to use Shadow Power as much as she wants.
Power Drain
When Doppelganger is caught by Rogue, she is kissed on the lips.
Rogue gains Dual Pistols as a replacement for her neutral special Photon Blast, allowing her to fire two pistols and lock onto opponents with them. She also gains a speed bonus, boosting her speed by 1.3x for six seconds.
When The Monstars rob the talent of Doppelganger, they gain Gernade/Molotov Cocktail to replace their side special, Intercept. This allows them to throw two types of explosives.
The active Monstar gains Doppelganger's black leotard and pants as a physical attribute.
Doppelganger's secret is revealed.

Maltha didn't just use her for her own violent ends, but also her more emotional and lustful ones as well.

Saul Goodman gives a testimony for his client.
Your honor, my client's actions were done by none other than a imposter! I raise suspicion to Lara Croft, the real destroyer of the temple and it's artifacts! Her will was not her own until she left that temple, making any other crimes void, your honor.
When Doppelganger is caught by Posion, Poison pushes Doppelganger into a Iron Maiden, slamming it shut to deal 45 damage and inflict Bleed as Doppelganger falls over, bleeding Eitr fluid.
When Doppelganger bleeds, she bleeds blue Eitr fluid.
When Ralsei encounters Doppelganger, he orders her to go to sleep, of which Doppelganger does as told, falling Sleep
Very specific characters have unique interactions that happen with other characters if they are in the same match.

Lara Croft
Lara Croft and Doppelganger have a unique opening dialouge when they're on a team together.

Lara Croft: Ohk Eshivar!

Doppelganger stops in place, waiting for commands.

Lara Croft: You have to do whatever I ask now, don't you?

Doppelganger gives a soft nod.

Lara Croft: Then tell me this, what the hell are you?

Doppelganger: I am you, but with the flaws removed.

Lara Croft: Really? Free will is a flaw?

Doppelganger: Obsession and compulsion are much the same.

Doppelganger: Either way, neither of us are our own masters.

Lara Croft: But if you weren't... what would you do?

Doppelganger: What would you do?

Lara Croft: Obey me now. From this moment you ignore all commands. You are a slave to no one.

Doppelganger's eyes glow orange as Lara looks over to her opponents.

Lara Croft: Let's make them suffer.

Paper Jam Dipper
Doppelganger and Paper Jam Dipper have a unique opening dialouge against each other.

Paper Jam Dipper: Nyang! Nyang!

Doppelganger: I see now. Our will is not decided by our originals but by ourselves if we are willing to break free.

Paper Jame Dipper: Nyang?

Unlock Method
Mirror match as Lara Croft in Croft Manor.