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Peter Parker

Peter Parker is just a mild-mannered investigative journalist. A real pro with the camera. He has his own photo development lab at home that he calls Peter's Red Light District. He's kind of charming, very smart and on his feet, but he just can't seem to stick around long, especially when Spider-Man is nearby. Everyone wonders why that is, but his wife and daughter had the perfect excuse every single time. With Spider-Man's retirement, Peter Parker has been more active, but this reporter is tested when he is pushed through the beam of the Collider and lands in a chaotic new reality.

Peter Parker is a quick, speedy fighter who utilizes ambient damage attacks with his camera and can teleport around when Spider-Man drops by to make a appearance. He also has incredibly weak punches, but don't get him riled up or you'll feel the true force behind them. Additionally, he can research his opponent and learn how to dodge them without even trying. Using backpacks, he can power up his attacks as well. He can also heal using pizza and can tap into a unsightly power through dance.

Gimmick: Get Me Photos Of Spider-Man

Peter Parker will be indudated by calls from James Jonah Jameson, telling him to get pictures of things like the opponent or a stage element. When he gets a photo that is to Jameson's liking, he'll deal doubled damage and inflict heavy stun on a opponent. If he fails an assignment by Jameson (which happens after being assigned one and failing to complete it within 30 seconds), he'll get a call that'll deal damage to his ears, inflicting 7 damage and causing Peter Parker to enter a Sobbing state. You better get those photos that Jameson was asking for or he'll yell your ear off.
Canon F1
Peter Parker crouches down with his Canon F1 camera and takes a shot- hold down to keep taking shots. You'll deal 1-10 light ambient damage depending on how "good" the photo you took of your opponent is, with a sweetspot of the middle of the 12 character length this move can effect fighters. Peter will have to halt in place as he takes photos, although the better his photos, the more damage he'll do on his opponent. Aperture Swing
Peter Parker does a hook jab, usually dealing 0.5 damage unless he's been effected by a status effect of any kind, in which he taps into his true Spider-Man strength and deal 11 damage while pretending to not know how that just happened. Additionally, hold down and a visual of a camera lens will appear behind Peter, increasing his strength of his "scrawny nerd punches", able to rise it to full strength.
Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man
Peter Parker runs into the background and Spider-Man appears out of nowhere, coming down from a string of web above before coming down and setting off a camera flash, in which Peter Parker seems to rematerialize holding it after the flash goes off. The posistion in which Spider-Man appears is influenced by the control stick and the flash can deal 9 light damage and cause stun. Can be used to reliably teleport. Surveillance Tower
Peter Park sets down a survelliance camera on a tripod, which monitors opponents as they fight. As Peter Parker gathers information from the camera, he'll be able to casually dodge their moves- the more time they spend in the view of the survelliance camera, the better Peter will be able to dodge their attacks by simply moving. Additionally, while guarding, he can do counterattacks if the opponent has been under the watchful eye of the surveillance system.

Backpack Token
Level 1
Peter Parker locates a blue backpack (that he secretly planted as Spider-Man) and gains a power-up to his moves. Here are all the possible items he's able to find from a backpack, and how they improve his kit:


Old Camera

Electrican Gloves
When Peter Parker has the Spider-Signal, he won't have to do a protracted version of his up special, instead just able to teleport freely for the next 15 seconds. Given the long up time, this can be really useful for mobile Peter Parker players. When Peter Parker has the Old Camera, this creates a more blinding flash with his camera moves, increasing the strength of his neutral and up specials which deal twice as much damage now. Lasts 15 seconds. When Peter Parker has the Electrican Gloves, this prevents him from getting shocked or taking electric damage, as well as increasing the power of his grab. Lasts 15 seconds.

Vulture Jammer

Lizard Blood

Old Glasses
When Peter Parker has the Vulture Jammer, this creates a EMP effect right above him for the next 15 seconds, causing opponents who fly, glide, or jump above him to be struck with electricity and be dealt 10 electrical damage and get Shocked. When Peter Parker has the Lizard Blood, he pours it on his hand to inflict 8 damage with his Aperture Swing and can charge it up to deal 23 damage and inflict Bleed. Stays active for 15 seconds. When Peter Parker has the Old Glasses, he has a passive reflect effect while guarding, able to reflect projectiles as well as deal 4 damage while causing opponents to flinch. Stays active for 15 seconds.

Woah, He Just Stole That Guy's Pizzas!
Level 2
Peter Parker disappears into the background with some pizza boxes and Spider-Man swings with the same pizza boxes, causing a gob-smacked onlooker to exclaim "Woah, he just stole that guy's pizzas!" as Spider-Man swings around. In a cutscene, Spider-Man enjoys some pizza away from the battle, restoring 30 health before returning to battle as Peter Parker after getting a picture of himself enjoying some pizza. Yes, that's right- a cinematic cutscene Finisher of Spider-Man just eating pizza.

Dark Dance
Level 3
Peter Parker slicks his hair back as a horror music sting plays, and he proceeds to walk across the stage with full invincibility and then proceeds to dance, creating a dark aura that induces Umbra and induces 45 dark damage while making all opponents stick to the ground, stuck with the Shoe-Glue effect. Peter Parker then comes to his senses and returns to normal, releasing a wave of evil energy that knocks opponents back like wind.
Alternate Outfits


Characters can undergo transformations when special effects are placed under them.
Makai Spell
Peter Parker gains six arms, inspired by the episode "Morbius" from the 1994 Spider-Man animated series.
Heaven Spell
Peter Parker becomes the spider that bit bim based off the spider's very first appearance in the comics.
Midnight Bliss
Peter Parker becomes Petra, a Spider-Woman inspired by Disney Princesses.
Incubus Delight
Peter Parker becomes embalmed in red light while he inexplicably takes off his shirt, taken right from the comics.
Peter Parker slicks his hair back and becomes consumed by the lingering whims of Venom inside him, with his Aperture Swing becoming full-power and inflicting Bleed on hit. Additionally, Peter Parker will do a dance during his idle which causes opponents to become encumbered by Umbra.
Power Drain
When Peter Parker is caught by Rogue, he is kissed on the lips and stammers, stating he has a wife and crosses his arms as Rogue rolls her eyes.
Rogue gains Canon F1 as a replacement for her neutral special Photon Blast, allowing her to shoot photos of people with a camera, dealing damage with flash photography. She also gains a mobility bonus, boosting her jump and speed by 1.3x for six seconds.
When The Monstars rob the talent of Peter Parker, they gain Aperture Swing to replace their side special, Intercept. This... gives them the ability to throw weak punches unless they're under duresss or charge it? Why would you want this.
The active Monstar gains Peter Parker's jacket as a physical attribute.
Peter Parker's secret is revealed.

They're really Spider-Man, but Spider-Man has been retired in his universe in favor of giving his wife and kid the chance to protect New York while he stays at home doing work and household chores. He's much happier this way.

Saul Goodman gives a testimony for his client.
Your honor, my client has been wrongfully accused of murder! You see, the real culprit here is a clone named Kaine, who is in the stands with us today. Stand up, would you, Kaine? Now, Kaine is willing to serve out a reduced sentence provided my client here is let go. Isn't that right?
When Peter Parker is caught by Posion, Poison attacks him with her whip while taking photos. He is then tied up in a photo development lab while Poison waits for the photos to develop, getting angry at how long it takes and flipping a table onto Peter Parker, dealing 45 damage in all.
Very specific characters have unique interactions that happen with other characters if they are in the same match.

April O' Neil
April O' Neil and Peter Parker have a unique opening dialouge against each other.

April: Fellow reporter?

Peter: Yeah, you too?

April: I work with a news station.

Peter: Neat. Well, I work for a newspaper.

April: Hm. Breaking news, I'm gonna get the scoop first!

Peter: Oh no you don't!

BangBang and Peter Parker have a unique opening dialouge against each other.

BangBang: Get my good side, why don't you?

Peter: I'll do my best.

BangBang: I bet you're just dying to get your hands on me, I can tell. After the fight, maybe. Depends how good the photos are.

Peter: I already have a wife. She's even a red-head.

BangBang: Well, someone has high standards... now I'm not going to go easy on you.

Unlock Method
Play as Miles Morales 45 times or April O' Neil 20 times.